QI-070C  ASTM-F609进口静态摩擦系数机

QI-070C 静态摩擦系数试验机(推拉计式)

portable instrument for the measurement of slip-resistant characteristics in footwear soling materials, relative to flooring surface materials, coatings, waxes or contaminants: or for the measurement of relative slip characteristics of various soling or flooring materials compared to others of the same category.

The unit is primarily intended for the measurement of static slip resistance: that is, the force required to cause one body in contact with another, to begin to move.

The SLIP MASTER features a peak hold mode which will capture the maximum force value and display it continuously until reset by the operator.

The HPS II system includes the drive motor/power pack assembly, a load dial/sled slipmeter assembly, a calibration hook and sanding block, as well as test materials.

The load dial/sled slipmeter assembly incorporates three (3) specimens of the test material as feet to contact the surface upon which the tests will be conducted. These specimens are easily replaceable, allowing evaluation of any specific materials at any time.


  • Results traceable to laboratory friction testers such as the James Machine
  • Meets American National Standards
  • Includes peak hold memory
  • Built in standardization
  • Fully portable with all accessories contained in convenient carrying case
  • Self contained, battery operated. Uses readily available "D" Cell Batteries
  • Simple to operate


  • Established credibility in legal actions
  • Referenced specifically in ASTM Standard Test Method F609
  • Consistency of data is NOT dependent on users hand/eye coordination
  • Calibration can be verified in the field without any weights
  • Testing can be performed in the field on actual surfaces
  • No power cord or electrical outlet required

·         {C}{C}Electronic skills not required




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